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Glacier Middle School
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Family Message - Distance Learning changes to communication

Family Message - Distance Learning changes to communication

Glacier Families,

I hope you are well and enjoyed our spring break. I want to reach out to update you on some recent decisions that the state of Washington has made regarding online learning. Due to buildings not reopening this school year, on-line learning is shifting towards NEW learning. What does this mean? Instead of students receiving only review assignments each week from each of their teachers they will also receive online instruction. This change places a higher importance of students being online weekly, checking email and google classrooms and completing assignments.

Here are some FAQ that will help you understand what to expect on a weekly basis:

Q: How much work will my student be receiving every week?

A: Your student has 6 classes a day, with 6 teachers. Each one of these teachers will assign no more than two hours per week. That means, on average, your student should be working online for 2 hours and 15 minutes per day.  If your student is exceeding 2 hours for any class, please email the teacher.


Q: When are assignments due? 

A: Students have almost an entire week to turn in work.  Late work will be accepted but we encourage students not to get behind. 


Q:  How does my student know what work they have? How are teachers communicating? How can I stay informed?

A: Students will receive ONE email on Tuesdays, beginning next week, that details all of the work for the week. Over the last few weeks students have been receiving separate emails from teachers but we are moving more towards a streamlining process so that students only receive ONE email/newsletter. You too will receiving a weekly newsletter on Tuesday. This newsletter will contain a message from Principal Fisher, important school updates as well as listing the assignments for the week.


Q: How does my student get help if they are struggling with an assignment or they have questions?

A: Teachers are on email daily and will get back to students within 24 hours. In addition teachers are holding “office hours” on Wednesdays and Thursdays for two hours each day where students can get immediate help.


Q: Will my student still get graded? Are assignments mandatory?

A: Yes, assignments are mandatory.   Teachers will be entering assignments into the grade book as either Pass or No Credit.  With the shift to new online learning it is important for students to keep up on their learning so they do not fall behind. The final semester grade will also be a Pass or No Credit.


Q: If I have a question about my students’ grade or assignment who should I contact?

A: Please reach out to the classroom teacher. Emails will be listed on the weekly newsletter. You can also find staff emails on the Glacier Website.


Q:  How can I support my student with this shift to online learning?

A: It is important that students are checking their email and google classroom daily. Help your student set aside some time each day to work on completing assignments. One idea might be assigning each day of the week for a specific class. For example: Math HW is done on Tuesdays, Science on Wednesdays, etc.


We understand the challenges that online learning can bring. We want you to know that we are here to support you and your student during this time. Please do not hesitate to reach out for support, questions or feedback.  I look forward to continuing to partner with you this spring.  


Vicki Fisher
(206) 631-5300