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Glacier Middle School
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Glacier Family Message 4/28/2020

Glacier Family Message 4/28/2020

Dear Glacier families,

I hope this message finds you well.  Last week we launched our Weekly Newsletter complete with current information and student assignments.  As we work to improve our communication with families and students I encourage you to send me your feedback to  

Here are a few questions I was asked by parents this week:

Q - How will my child be graded for each class now that new learning is required?

A – The state recently informed us that students will receive a grade of Passing or Incomplete for each class.  Students who get an Incomplete will have time over the summer to make up the work.

Q – Will my child be held back a year if they do not complete the work?

A – No, students will advance to the next grade.  If they do not complete the work they may be behind in learning and it could be difficult to get caught up.  We encourage every student to complete their work each week.  If they are having difficulty doing this, please email the teacher for help.  

I wish you all a safe and healthy week.  

Principal Fisher

Vicki Fisher


(206) 631-5300


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